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2010 is shaping up nicely so far.

Our most recent visitor was the very talented Joel White (son of guitar legend Frank White) and his musical duo compadre, the equally (Simon would say unequalled!:)) excellent Simon Peat. Both top session players having played with bands such as Pulp (Joel) and Amy Winehouse (Simon).

The chaps were delighted with the great sound of Valve and it’s waaarrrmmmth! They’re threatening to return very soon in trio format. Can’t wait!

BBC2 Folk Award and Spiral Earth Award nominee Katriona Gilmore (half of top folk duo Gilmore Roberts) was in recently recording violin and mandolin parts for a forthcoming album by rootsy-rockers Kuschty Rye. The album is being produced by top young producer Andy Bell.

Corvidae, the locally based progressive rockers are in the process of recording their first EP. It’s going well and they return on January 30th.

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